Solar Farm Security

Solar Farms, by their very nature, tend to be in rural and often remote locations. Unfortunately that doesn’t always protect them from the attentions of both vandals and thieves!

Remote Surveillance provide engineering maintenance and support services to a camera and communications estate of over 3000 devices.

The rural nature of these farms means that an unnecessary guard call out can be a time consuming and costly event. Many such call-outs could arguably challenge the sustainability credentials of the farm through the increased mileage incurred by travelling guards.

However, within the UK it is very common for livestock to be kept within the grounds of solar farms and whilst this is a good multi-purpose use of land it does present it’s own particular problems.

Was the alarm triggered by a real threat
Or just a wondering sheep or two

Here at Remote Surveillance we use, and continually improve, advanced camera analytics to help us identify the real risks whilst eliminating the mundane such as wildlife or livestock.

We partner with some of the best in the business, in 2020 further enhancing our partnership with RSM and Immix to include AI processing from Calypsa.