Utilities and Infrastructure

In sectors such as Renewable Energy, Communications, Gas and Water supply, any disruption to service can have an enormous impact, and providers carry huge responsibility to ensure a continuous service provision to its customer base.

These networks also require a huge amount of investment within the infrastructure itself to complete maintenance and upgrade and securing the localised sites necessary to complete this work is essential, as is the need to protect high value materials and equipment on site for the duration of the works. Site locations are often located in sparsely populated areas, making them easy targets and huge cost to replace stolen equipment and materials

Remote Surveillance work closely with many of the largest organisations in this sector, providing mobile and static security solutions across the UK over many years, and for some of the largest we work within their framework agreements on multi-year projects the length and breadth of the country.

This has included some of the most challenging terrain within the UK, across the mountains of both Wales and Scotland.

We work very closely with all the other suppliers in these frameworks to ensure efficient, timely and cost effective service provision, whilst also actively contributing to the sustainability targets for the project as a whole through the issue solar power and technology.

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