System Management

A good quality CCTV system is much more than just the cameras, often having a variety of additional devices included as part of the installation, such as

  • Cameras
  • DVRs or NVRs
  • Network switches
  • 4G or Satellite internet routers
  • Solar Panels and associated invertors
  • Lithium Batteries
  • Audio Devices
  • Site lighting

Remote Surveillance understand that as a result the quality of service provided by a CCTV system will only ever be as good as the sum of it’s parts, and so we actively monitor all the component parts within an installation via both internet and SMS based alerting and control systems.

This not only gives us visibility of any issues, it also tells us about potential issues so we can proactively intervene rather than simply react. These issues can range from a failing hard drive through to bad weather affecting the solar power draw.

Our monitoring tools also allow us to remotely fix issues wherever possible thereby minimizes downtimes whilst also adding to the sustainability of the solution through the reduction in unnecessary engineering call-outs.

In 2020 we further enhanced our monitoring by introducing the CheckMyCCTV system into our monitoring systems. This product gives us an even deeper view into our systems and it is now an integral part of our engineering tasking and scheduling.

All our installed sites are automatically enrolled. We can also offer this service as an optional extra for sites where we onboard for engineering support only.

CheckMyCCTV also allows us to automate the twice daily camera image checks, with the system comparing the images and alerting where certain limits are breached.

Sometimes those limits are breached by the smallest of creatures. A spider web can seriously compromise your camera at night!